Zoho: Customer Relationship Management System Review

The key to a successful business lies in many factors: a winning business plan, superb marketing efforts, and a well-executed business strategy, among others. Zoho, one of the leading software providers offering products to assist businesses with their day-to-day operations and is packed with a list of systems crafted with high-end technology to provide companies and organisations a convenient platform for their transactions. We took advantage of Zoho’s 15-day trial for their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to test its features and user-friendliness for sales and marketing teams.



Zoho boasts a multichannel system that allows carrying out all forms of communication with your prospective clients through email, live chat, and telephony.

all activities-zoho overview
An overview of all ongoing activities in Zoho
  • Email. Zoho’s email is matched with many existing emailing systems including the big ones like Gmail and Outlook, meaning it wouldn’t require a lot of work in case an organisation decides to transfer to Zoho. Zoho’s emailing system lets the users know one an email has been sent and filter each email status. Moreover, it provides reports on which among your email templates are opened by your leads. You can use this kind of data to improve your future email marketing contents. Customising emails through drag-and-drop is also possible so you can reach out better to your leads and customers using your logo and personal designs. Users are also allowed to send bulks of email within the CRM itself. Team leads and super admins can get an overview of their whole team and their activities. This will help them assign leads equally to each staff and see if which team member is the most productive and give them some rewards. In addition, Zoho SalesInbox integration synchronises your data with your sales pipeline and gives you notifications on your most important leads. This prompts you to set a reminder and schedule your next follow-up call with a potential client.
  • Livechat. You may be ecstatic to know that a website that has a livechat support gives satisfaction to any visitors. Live chat does not only gives real-time answers to customer queries, it also gives assurance to website visitors and potential customers that you care about them by being present whenever they need to know something about your offers and services. You can study your website visitors and identify the recurring ones. These recurring visitors can be prioritised in the pipeline for follow-ups. Lastly, the livechat feature can provide reports on the demographics of your website visitors which can be used for your market study.
  • Telephony. Reaching out to your leads within the CRM can be done in just a few clicks. All calls are automatically logged in after the call so you can keep all your records organised. During the call, there will be a pop-up window which can be used for taking notes, details, and reminders of your previous call. You sure won’t miss any upcoming calls because Zoho prompts a pop-up notification of your scheduled calls.
Artificial Intelligence

Zia is programmed to assist businesses in their day-to-day process and help the whole team function smarter and faster.  Every data entered into the program can be used to predict future sales activities. Zia is also able to read all tasks so you can ask her your tasks-for-the-day. If you are looking for a data file from years ago, Zia can find it for you with just a chat away.

Not only that, Zia also helps by predicting the win probability of each lead and deals by analysing your previous activities and identifying its patterns. That way, you can decide on which deals to focus on based on data gathered by Zia. It also has the intelligence to detect anomalies in your business by reading stored data and alerts the assigned salesperson who can deal with the issue.

With the emergence of technology comes the convenience of communication. But it’s hard to guess the tone of a person’s voice when it’s said virtually. Zia can cover that for you; it can identify the tone of every conversation to get you ready for your next interactions or doing your next sales pitch.

Zia can also provide the right time to do multiple calls and emails based on calculated Sales Signals – the data that determines frequency of your prospect client or existing customers’ active hours when they open and respond to your email and visit your social media channels.

Sales Automation

­Automation is another call for productivity. Zohos’s sales automation feature assists the users in creating a workflow rule that will be followed by the whole team. This also enables the admin to manage the team’s daily routines including calls, emails, follow-ups, and more! Sales automation can be your right hand in assigning the right tasks to the right hands.

Performance Analytics

When it comes to business, numbers don’t lie. Zoho is equipped with a performance analytics feature which gives intelligent data on sales trends, marketing campaigns and marketing performance to mention a few. For starters, there are 40 available standard templates you can use for monthly reporting. Zoho also permits its users to customise their own reports from pie charts to funnel graphs. Created reports can be stored in the CRM database forever. Each report can be shared with specific staff members based on its confidentiality.


Customisation gives every user the power to design the system based on their preferred workflow. You can customise the CRM the way you do business by creating layouts based on your own process. To avoid confusion and misunderstanding, you can instruct all staff members to personalise important data so they can function independently even if you’re away. Conditional fields are made available to achieve a clutter-free workflow. There are also multiple forms or forms that are within the form so you can take note of all important details for a specific client.

Process Management
Zoho’s blueprint creator

Blueprint creator prompts every team member of the actual process so they know where to catch up for each lead. You can create your own sequence with the drag-and-drop tool in the blueprint editor. Set a fixed price and the maximum discount allowed for every offer. You are allowed to set the negotiation period to achieve a specific goal which means dedicating more time on priority leads.

While managing many contacts can be confusing, Zoho makes sure that a previous task is marked completed before alerting you the assigned sales rep of the next process. Built-in reports function to evaluate your team’s productivity. This also lets you see where majority of your staff dedicated most of their time and their activities. It performs automatically for you like sending email autopilot and sending you notifications of your next follow up calls.

Pipeline Management

Pipeline management can be used for proper lead management. It assists the user to conduct proper lead generation, nurturing them, and finally converting into paying customers. Capturing leads from your landing page such as WordPress and Joomla is also possible with smart forms.

You can create a pre-set workflow which will prompt the system to distribute leads automatically and assign each contact to sales representatives to make sure you never miss to attend to all your prospects and clients. There’s a scoring rule which allows you to give a proper score to leads with high probability of conversion. This scoring rate lets you prioritise leads and ensures faster sale. You have the option to rank the leads in your preferred way—either those who opened your emails or those who clicked on your link. When everything are already in the right places, you can convert these leads into deals in just a matter of few clicks.

Team Collaboration

Like any other CRM software, Zoho lets you store files and documents in the system for quick reference. Each file can be accessible to specific staff depending on its confidentiality. It has the ability to read multiple version of documents so you know which among the many stored files is the latest.


Security matters in all organisations. Zoho ensures system security by giving Super admins (the one who signed up, usually the CEO or Marketing Manager) the power to identify roles for each staff member. Super admins can create and limit working hours to promote work-life balance. Unauthorized sign-ins can be prevented with Zoho’s IP address restriction. What’s more, you can enable two-factor authentication to strengthen your team’s CRM system.


Zoho is packed with a long list third-party applications for marketing including the big ones: Google Docx, Google Adwords, and Mailchimp, to mention a few. It also enables low-code or even no-code third-party app integration so better suit your team’s specific needs.


  • They offer a 15-day trial for marketing teams who want to determine if Zoho’s CRM will work for them
  • Zoho works on multiple platforms including mobile
  • It is packed with cutting-edge customisable features
  • They offer a free edition for 10 users with limited features enough to run a small sales and marketing team
  • It automates daily sales tasks helping staff members to function more efficiently
  • It integrates with the majority of Google Apps including the most essential ones such as Contacts, Calendar, Google Docx, Spreadsheet, Adwords, and more
  • It promotes the maximal use of social media where majority of potential leads are
  • Sales forecasting prompts marketing teams to plan ahead for their future campaigns
  • Artificial intelligence feature gives major support especially when it comes to sales trends and determining the whole team’s previous marketing activity patterns
  • Tutorial videos are provided on the website as primary support to its users


  • The user interface might look convoluted for first-time users
  • Having too many features can be overwhelming for small teams that require only minimal marketing functions
  • Subscription is billed per user which can be a big deal when a team adds more staff member


zoho_blogp_pricing_cloud tech journalPhoto courtesy of Zoho

*Number of users is equal to number of licenses

*Super admin represents as the main contact person for Zoho team or the one who subscribed to Zoho


Zoho CRM is an all-in-one platform to do all marketing projects from campaigns to lead generation to sales and maintaining existing clients. Overall, Zoho is best for businesses and sales and marketing teams that are looking forward to reinforcing their marketing efforts. It promotes an organised way of doing marketing based on reliable data of your previous activities. Empowered by high-end technology and customisable features, Zoho gets the title for being one of the most used CRM for all businesses of all sizes.

Business owners who are interested in boosting their marketing efforts can get Zoho CRM for their business.