Deputy: Workforce Management System Review


All businesses aspire to be big, and that’s not impossible with the right administration and good workforce management. But as an organization expands, the responsibility of job administering becomes demanding, too. That’s where cloud-based workforce management systems come to save you from all the hustle and bustle.

Launched in 2008, Deputy initially came with the intention of reducing the time spent for rostering tasks in enterprises and organizations. With Deputy’s intelligent features and intuitive user interface, it helps business owners and managers to dedicate more of their time to customer acquisition and improving their existing services.


Deputy is packed with features that promote convenience and productivity. From task scheduling to timesheets and communication, this platform initiates a community of pro-active workers that contribute to your business’s success.


Deputy’s intuitive scheduling platform

As Deputy’s main function, the employee scheduling section offers an easy-to-use platform that can be customized base on your business’s needs. Users can choose the day their week starts, as the calendar can be viewed in various ways: by month, 4-weeks view, 2-weeks views, and by day. It allows a user to assign employees in different areas and locations by dragging the person’s profile, which can be seen at the left side of the screen, to the time and day of their designated schedule.

Adding a new employee is as easy as just one touch. Managers can customise the level of access for each employee. Add all necessary details of an employee like email address and mobile number. This could be used for sending notifications on their time schedules. Managers can also put each staff’s birthday and send them a cake on their special day.

fatigue-management-deputy (2)Overlap-sched-deputy

Deputy encourages business owners to care for their employees with Fatigue Management feature. It can detect if an employee has been working for too many hours or if someone has overlapping schedules. Stress Profile or the number of hours allowed per staff to work can be configured with the Name and Access options.


deputy-time and attendance-feature-ipad-kiosks-cloud-tech-journal-blog
Let your employees manage their own time with Deputy’s time and attendance feature

Deputy gives the privilege to both managers and staff to manage their own time. Employees can start and end their daily shifts using iPad, mobile apps, web apps, and apple watches in which they can access the Deputy app.  In the Me tab, a user can start a shift, record the time he spent for the break, and end shift in just a click of a button.

Time theft will not be an issue because Deputy Mobile features a geolocation capability that can tell if a staff is right where he should be. Deputy Kiosk, moreover, has a face detection feature to ensure honesty in the workplace.

All clock-ins are subject to approval before exporting to payroll. This helps employee tracking smoother and easier. It allows generating invoices based on hours worked per task/activity straight to your preferred accounting software. More than that, it provides comprehensive reports that can track schedules, budgets actual timesheet costs, sales transactions, and more!


Newsfeed feature makes communication within the workplace easier.

Deputy has a Newsfeed page where a manager can send messages to an individual staff or for the entire team. It’s important to reach everyone when it comes to work announcement that’s why every post can ask for confirmation from people who have read the posts. Every post can be customised per staff and per location. Staff members can comment on the post and start an engagement on the newsfeed page.


Managers can create a task and get notified when it’s done.

Tasking is easy. It lets you add a task assigned to a specific person and schedule a due date for it.  All tasks will be compiled in the Task tab showing the due date and notes for each work assignment. When a task is complete, you can cross it out of the to-do list.

  • It has an intuitive design and easy-to-use platform that allow the user to perform tasks with minimum training
  • Fatigue management feature encourages work-life balance in the workplace
  • It integrates with over 20 Point-of-Sale systems and payroll service providers which make the experience a lot easier
  • They offer a video tutorial for every functionality
  • The journaling feature lets a manager award the top performers in a team
  • They offer 24-hour support and answer queries real time
  • There should be a notification trigger for urgent messages
  • SMS charges apply if a message is sent via Deputy platform
  • SMS notification doesn’t work while still in free trial
  • It doesn’t synchronise with your device’s time and might cause time theft
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Deputy caters businesses who want to fast track their operations by saving time in staff management. With its impressive features and versatile functionality, tasking and employee scheduling can become a breeze not only for the senior employees but for all staff members. While it supports start-ups, mid-sized businesses, and even enterprises, Deputy is best recommended for companies with hourly employees because of its honest-to-goodness time-tracking system.

Cloud Staff Member, an Australian-owned recruitment company, recommends Deputy to employers who have remote workers from the Philippines. This would be a very useful instrument for keeping track of their staff members, see where everyone is, and monitor whenever someone clocks in and out of their designated workplaces. More than that, it serves as good channel for real-time communication with its handy newsfeed page.

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Tanda: Workforce Management System Review, wittily named after time-and-attendance, is a workforce management app that allows digital rostering, online time-in, and payroll processing in just a few clicks. Over 1000 companies across the world are using Tanda management app to run their business. Managers curating the application can effortlessly assign jobs to each employee and at the same calculate their cost based on their rendered time recorded on their clock-ins.


The software’s primary function focuses on employee scheduling which can be done as soon as a user signs up. Tanda offers a 14-day trial and will eventually ask the user to choose their preferred plan based on their business’s size and nature.


Managers are allowed to create a detailed set of schedules for all staff enrolled in the app. These schedules can be sent to employees via SMS or email messages. Tanda’s rostering software is designed with a wide set of functionalities such as sale projection, schedule cost interpreter, and employee onboarding through drop-and-drag, among others. The app also lets the manager see if a day is understaffed or otherwise. Pre-arranged templates are made available for select industries.

Tanda scheduling app
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Companies who’ve tried the program have reportedly cut time dedicated to scheduling and payroll processing.

Time Clock app

Every employee will be given a four-number code which they will use in clocking in through the Time Clock app. The app takes a head shot of every employee upon clocking in. These images are being paired up with their codes and synchronises with the predetermined schedules. That way, managers can view who are present at work on a particular day. Time Clock app is conveniently available for IOS, Android and Web application.

Union Contract

Tanda has a built-in overtime interpreter which helps every user to automatically calculate the rates of their staff based on existing labour laws. Not only does this algorithm computes the gross pay per staff, it also shows the breakdown for more comprehensive documentation.

Time off management system

Tanda leave request approval

Staff can notify the manager of their leave and unavailability. The days off are subject for approval. Staff can upload proof of reasons for their time off such as medical records, etc. Once the manager allows their proposed leave, the staff will receive a confirmation email.

Add-ons and integration

Tanda is streamlined with powerful select integrations such as MYOB, Xero, Google Calendar, and Kounta to name a few. Companies who would like to adapt Tanda can contact their business managers to discuss their preferred systems.


  • Companies using digital time clocks can finally eliminate the use of paper for their time sheets
  • Automatic Award Interpreter helps a business save time in calculating the pay rates with their ready-made Australian Award templates. This is automatically updated in sync with Fair Work Australia’s policy
  • Tanda provides an all-inclusive report that gives an overview of your wage costs and can be used to predict the future of your business


  • Tanda is based in Australia and global reach is limited
  • Customer support via live chat is not available 24/7. This can hold up business operations if an error cannot be resolved
  • It doesn’t have a fatigue management generator which will allow the manager to see which employees have overworked for the day or week
  • Maps and GPS Tracking device that can determine the location where a staff clocks in is non-existent


Tanda offers two options: Standard and Enterprise. Both present the same functionalities except for a) Predictive Workforce, b) Cognitive schedules, c) Custom reporting, d) On-site setup, e) Custom implementation, and f) Project management, which are only available for the Enterprise package.

Annual payment is billed $4 USD/employee/month while monthly payment costs $5 USD/employee/ month. Note that this pricing applies for Standard edition. Clients interested in buying the Enterprise edition can contact their customer support for accurate quotes.


With time theft being rampant in any industry, innovation brought by cloud-based technology software makes every minute count. Tanda functions well for businesses with shifting schedules, hourly employees, and remote workers. This includes but not limited to industries involved in manufacturing, warehousing, food service, retail, accommodation, franchising, and medical.

The availability of cloud technology in software programs like Tanda is a plus for companies like Cloud Staff Member to consider using this application. Cloud Staff Member serves as a bridge to assist remote-hiring organizations in Australia, USA, Canada, and UK in finding the best employee from the Philippines—where everything is relatively affordable compared to hiring a staff member. Cloud Staff Member provides recruitment, HR, payroll, office space and computers, internet, and electricity for comprehensive staffing solutions.

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