Gentu by Genie Solutions: Practice Management Review

Genie Solutions has been providing intelligent software for specialists in Australia since 1995 with the aim to help them perform their jobs seamlessly and efficiently. In January 2017, they officially launched Genie’s cloud-based equivalent called ‘Gentu’ [1].

Gentu is an administrative and specialist software solution customised to assist the next generation of medical specialists through the help of cloud technology. Gentu, Genie Solution’s new baby will be equipped with hi-tech features in the future versions, such as SMS module, eDelivery, and Monthly Index of Medical Specialties (MIMS) integration, which are expected to take medical practice experience to a whole new level.


Backed by the same minds that created Genie, Gentu promises an intelligent practice management system tailored to assist specialists from the nitty-gritty to the most complex part of their jobs.

Appointment and Reception

Gentu’s combined appointment and reception features allow every medical space function smoothly. With its intuitive interface, it helps the user customise appointment schedules in just a few clicks. Additional features include 1) filter by provider; 2) view schedule on a daily/weekly mode; 3) review full appointment histories including cancellations and DNAs; 4) printable theatre list. These functionalities ensure no lapses in scheduling appointments while endorsing paperless reception management services.

Billing and Claiming

While billing can be tedious, Gentu’s system is designed to perform complex billing calculations for invoicing and quoting. Gentu is in sync with the current Medicare and health fund fee schedules and lessens the hassle of calculating fees even after fee schedule updates. In addition, Gentu is fully integrated with Medicare, DVA and ECLIPSE for online claiming.

It also generates a program that enables you to accept and manage pre-payment deposits. In case of gaffe or overpayment, you can do the refund in just a few clicks. Once the generated invoice is out, online claims are batched and transmitted automatically. Gentu takes care of generating receipts after the patient has paid and alerts you of any remaining underpayments.



Maintaining a patient’s record can be done with Gentu’s user-friendly clinical interface through a coding integration that can handle adverse reactions and diagnoses. Supporting documents such as images and medical records can be uploaded in the system within several clicks. These documents can be accessed when you review a patient’s clinical history including their past medications, previous procedures, and more.

Practice Management

Aside from taking care of your fee schedule, clinical coding, and software updates, Gentu makes your practice run smoothly through its practice management component. It allows you to keep track of your income, banking, and outstanding accounts with an easy-to-use financial report.

Gentu can support your practice regardless of the number of staff you have. Access control can be dictated to make sure that every staff has access to features they needed to perform their job.

As Lisa Gansky said, “A brand is a voice and a product is a souvenir.” Gentu helps you establish your brand by allowing you to label your letters, notes, invoices, and reports with your logo or business letterhead. It can be done by uploading the image of your brand to Gentu and let them generate it for you.


  • It is managed by one of Australia’s reputable and trusted practice management solution providers
  • Automatic software updates are completed by Gentu with new releases
  • This is ideal for practices starting up
  • Sticks with Genie Solutions’ mantra—Intelligent Simplicity—by providing a simple user interface which can be operated even with a minimal use of manual
  • 100% Australian owned and fully understands the needs of Australian specialists
  • They maintain backups of all Gentu data in case of technical glitch
  • Their sales team is prompt in responding to queries and gives a comprehensive information about their products


  • Features only three e-correspondence integration—Argus, Healthlink, and Sonic Healthcare—compared to Genie which is fully integrated with all third-party companies
  • As of writing, Gentu is not yet MIMS integrated which demands the need to use for paper to prescribe
  • Since Gentu is new, it has limited reporting features opposite its desktop software equivalent
  • It doesn’t display an online demo for specialists who want to have an overview of its interface


Gentu is billed monthly per Billing Provider or anyone who’s generating income within the practice. Starting rate is at $330 per single Billing Provider inclusive of GST.  Additional Eclipse integration comes at $100 per month. They also offer a 3-hour orientation for Gentu setup at a standard rate of $195 per hour. Having more staff in the future will not be a problem because it features unlimited access for both Admin and Support staff. For multi-provider practices, they offer a tiered structure which means that the average monthly rate goes down as many doctors join the practice.

However, take note that Gentu’s billing is limited to some functionalities depending on the specialty of the practice. This includes online claiming for anaesthetic item numbers, as well as electronic access to diagnostic results. It is best advised to call their sales team to learn more about the usability and suitability of Gentu based on your practice’s specialty.


Gentu is made for specialists who would like to maximise their time focusing on things that really matter—their patients. The advantage brought by cloud technology will enable them to access all necessary data in a matter of scrolls and clicks. Medical and clinical practitioners who are expecting a large number of patients can manage theatre lists, prescriptions, and diagnoses all in one place through the help of Gentu app.

Specialists planning to adapt cloud for their practice can initially check out the Gentu’s usability and eventually hire other staff to manage practice management, appointment setting, patient correspondence, and medical billing. Cloud Staff Member is  able to help companies from all industries in hiring the next member of their team. Being Australian-owned, Cloud Staff Member knows the needs and standards of every Australian organization in selecting the best candidate for their team. Cloud Staff Member provides recruitment, HR, payroll, office space and computers, internet, and electricity for comprehensive staffing solutions.


Source: [1]