ServiceM8: Service Management System Review

Running a service business is no easy feat. Not only do you have to manage clients, you also need to keep an eye on your field workers. Targeted at trade professionals, ServiceM8 exists with the aim to help small businesses thrive in their field. By combining top-notch technology and the incredible power of the cloud, ServiceM8 is able to create a job management system packed with foolproof features that streamline all necessary workflow from getting appointments to getting paid.


Field Service Management

job management

ServiceM8’s job management feature gives an overall view of all the clients and job details in one place. This helps the user in tracking the status of all existing jobs. But there’s a difference between finishing the job first time and having to schedule a second visit. That’s where Job History option comes in. It provides a record all transactions for every client and can serve as future reference for future repairs.

Tasks and checklists are accessible for the convenience both of the manager and the field worker. It ensures that every job is done right the first time. The system also allows photo and video recording which automatically saves to the job. Everyone in the team can access saved images which can be used to ask for feedback and ask help from the team.

ServiceM8 enables digital signature capture. Clients’ signature emphasizes that they are happy with the service and are ready to proceed with the transaction. Dispatch Map provides an overview location of all your field workers which comes handy for the manager in assigning the next job.



Planning a staff’s job schedule must be the most important function of every job management software. ServiceM8’s scheduling tool offers an entire view of all staff and their schedules minus the need for many clicks. Scheduling is as easy as dragging jobs to the scheduled time and staff member of choice.

Instant dispatch option is also accessible for jobs that need to be attended urgently. Urgent jobs can be designated to the nearest staff in location. Staff will get notified and they can immediately proceed to client’s place in a matter of minutes.

In case of job re-schedule, employees get notified through the Schedule Update function. Moreover, Job Reminders automatically alerts a staff whenever they have to leave for their next task. All functionalities and information in the app are accessible to all staff members anytime and anywhere.

Quote and Invoicing

quoting and invoicing


When a job gets done, generating a professional invoice is convenient and fast with ServiceM8’s Easy Invoicing feature which provides a PDF copy of invoices that can be sent through email, TXT, post, and can also be printed if desired.

Time is money so ServiceM8 makes sure that quoting is fast and accurate. This is possible with setting up a pre-set labour rate which calculates a profitable job estimate. Quotes can be sent to a client through email or TXT with a special link where a client can accept the offer. A built-in form is included in case a client has questions before proceeding with the job.

Various templates are available online, be it for Invoice, Work Order, Quoting, or Question Forms, in which you can attach your logo. ServiceM8 also allows you to custom-design your own templates for different purposes.


credit card scanning

If you find processing work order and quotes easy, payment is much easier. By inserting a client’s credit card number through the app, payments can be done in just several taps. You can also send the client a TXT or email that includes a special link to a credit card payment portal for a more document processing. When the worker is still in the location with the client, they have the option to scan the cred card using the smartphone’s camera and the payment will be processed in no time.


email and sms

Being on the cloud, one of ServiceM8’s strengths is real-time communication. ServiceM8 enables direct messaging clients from the app itself whether through email or TXT message. All customer replies automatically sync in the ServiceM8 app and get recorded in the Job Diary which can be used for future reference.

In-office and on-app templates are available for a more professional approach. These templates feature auto-fill client, job information, and more. Staff can send an On-the-way message to a client to inform them hours or minutes before they arrive in the designated area. Field workers can use Track My Arrival add-on to know the estimated time of arrival.

Activity Feed is made for everyone in the business to communicate, discuss and share tips on everything job-related matters.



ServiceM8 boasts of their powerful mobile service app integrated with intensive features.

ServiceM8 can be accessed and navigated through Apple Watch. It supports time-tracking of your working time and a glimpse of all important job info. You’ll receive a notification once it’s time to move to another work schedule.

No internet? No problem. Staff can still view job schedules, take photos and videos, and collect signatures even offline. Once the internet is back, all changes automatically sync in the system. The only limitation for offline users would be sending emails and TXT messages.

Adding a material to your invoice is easy with the in-app barcode scanner. Document scanning is also possible by using the camera on the job card and hover it over the document. This function auto-detects and focus on the document. Once captured, it goes to the job diary in a high-res PNG format.




Auto-generated PDFs are available for any kinds of paper needed for your business. From business permits to certificates and other documents, you can customise it with your logo for consistency. These are easy-to-create and easy-to-complete forms that can be signed up on site. Just draft a set of questions you and your clients’ need and these forms will be stored in the system forever.

A wide range of forms can be purchased at the Forms Marketplace.


online booking

Add-ons are powerful tools that boost an app’s performance. ServiceM8 is powered by several add-ons that are designed to make a convenient platform for the users and their clients. There’s an online booking add-on that enables adding a form which your clients can use for requesting quotes and other enquiries. Automated communication add-ons., recurring job reminders, and badges are some of the many available add-ons you can use for your business.

Most add-ons are for free and can be purchased at the ServiceM8 Add On store.


reporting tool

Reports are a fundamental determiner of your business success. It keeps track of your team’s performance and gives you an overview of the factors you need to improve. ServiceM8 has built-in reports generator for various subjects such as jobs, revenue, and feed reports. You can also customise your own reports through the in-app tool. Data can be exported to excel file for future keeping.



No system is created perfect. That is why integration is formed to maximise the functionality of a software. ServiceM8 is integrated with a wide range of systems from accounting software to email marketing tools, staff management apps, stock control, and more.


  • Provides an efficient system for businesses from staffing to job scheduling to dispatching
  • Offers extensive features for the convenience of both the management and the staff members
  • Promote paperless transactions but doesn’t limit producing hard copies when necessary
  • Data protection is ensured through Amazon Web Services
  • Automatically backs up your data every five minutes
  • Accessibility is not a problem as ServiceM8 stores your data in many locations around the world
  • They have partners globally that can help new users from the nitty-gritty to complicated matters


  • Customer support fails to respond to urgent queries and is not helpful at all
  • Can be convoluted to navigate with minimal tutorials
  • Getting support from Partners can cost more than the projected amount
  • Reports design is not that impressive; you must export them first to excel file before they can be customisable
  • Only apt for small service companies with a maximum of 30 employees
  • Adding more integrations can improve the overall experience



*prices are in USD


ServiceM8 is best for small service companies that need a system to help them organize their workflow. Dispatching field workers is one thing, leaving happy clients and getting paid are another. ServiceM8 is useful from the getting job orders to visiting clients and getting paid.

This service app is best for startups that are in the process of maximizing their time and manpower. If you are looking for someone to join your team, Cloud Staff Member is here to help you. Contact us at  for more info.

Cloud Staff Member is an Australian-owned company hiring professionals from the Philippines.


WorkflowMax: Job Management System Review

WorkflowMax is a cloud-based project management system that enables a team to perform all necessary jobs on one platform. It offers a wide variety of features and functionalities from customer acquisition to invoicing and reporting. While all cloud software has limitations, WorkflowMax tries to make everything possible by offering integrations with over 30 world-class third-party apps, aiming to help every company achieve their goals one efficient platform at a time.


WorkflowMax has covered the essential needs of a company to function well enough, generate leads, and gain conversions through an effective project management system.

Job Management 
Job Manager
Job management enables job monitoring in just one glance.

Job management allows the company to monitor all jobs from start to finish. The manager can schedule jobs for each staff member and at the same time monitor everyone’s daily or hourly progress. Aside from that, this feature also helps track the number of hours dedicated to a task compared to the projected hours.

Time Sheets

Time Sheet

Let your staff be responsible for their own timesheet.

You can let your staff manage their own time with the help of WorkflowMax’s time sheet. All registered users can enter the number of hours they dedicated to a job. Timesheet recording is available in weekly and daily view. A built-in timer is situated at the upper right of the dashboard which can be used in for time-tracking while you’re working on a particular task. Timesheet can be submitted to HR through email within the system.

Quote generator
Quoting template helps the user to generate and send quotes within a few clicks

Just because you need to be quick doesn’t mean you can compromise accuracy. WorkflowMax’s online quoting system suggests you create a template for every offer. Once a request comes in, these templates can be easily edited and can be sent to a client as soon as possible. Templates can be customised for a specific industry in which you can insert your logo for branding and consistency.

You have the control of generating the final price through the customisable markup percentage. The status of each quote is recorded and will advise the user to send a follow up whenever necessary.

In case you encounter indecisive clients, the quotes can be revised in just one click.

Lead Management
Lead management
An overview of lead reports can be filtered per category, staff, or month.
Client Manager
Client Manager
The client manager section lets the user access all client information in one place.

Having too many clients can be baffling. WorkflowMax comes handy with its client management option. This feature helps the company accumulate all client information in one tidy place. A navigation bar exists for easy access to the most crucial details. Moreover, custom fields are provided for other vital details you want to take note of that are not included in the default fields.

You can access your data wherever you are.

With remote working being practised in various industries today, WorkflowMax lets you carry all your jobs wherever you are. The mobile app, available for IOS and Android devices, directly connects to WorkflowMax and Xero for existing users. This feature applies when you need to update lead status or input a job cost immediately.

Job Costing 
Job Costing
Job costing is made available to help you evaluate your business’s profitability.

Job costing provides an overview of all your expenses with the actual breakdown per task. It evaluates your business’s profitability and will determine if it’s about to increase your service rates. Being Xero integrated, you can purchase needed supplies by placing purchase orders in Xero.

Purchase Orders
Purchase order
Issuing a purchase order is possible through easy, simple steps.

Creating different purchase orders can be time-consuming if placed side by side with other ongoing projects. WorkflowMax makes it easier to handle a bulk of purchase orders by separating out job items against multiple jobs.  No need to worry about double entries as the same invoice number automatically reflects to Xero. In case an additional item needs to be included in the PO, adding extra fields is as easy as one click. Receipts can be sent straight to Xero and it will automatically record the complete job costing.

Document Management

WorkflowMax is packed with 25 GB free storage for documents. These documents can be pushed to other third-party cloud storage tools like Dropbox and Google Drive for easy access. This integration helps all team members to access real-time data whenever and wherever. Not to mention, you can also take a photo of a document from your phone and upload it immediately to appropriate folders via cloud storage.

Invoicing-Include it all
Customising your invoice from design to content is possible.

WorkflowMax provides an online invoice creator which allows you to customise everything you want to input such as rates, staff, and even your own branding. You can also add extra notes or generate multiple invoices for clients who want to have an all-inclusive information.

Xero Integration 
Xero integration-automatic update on both ends
WorkflowMax is owned by and seamlessly integrates with Xero.

Since WorkflowMax is Xero-owned, it is the closest integration among the many add-on apps available. Xero is one of the most preferred accounting software in the world that offers multiple features for fast and convenient accounting solutions. WorkflowMax and Xero are in sync with each other which means that once you enter a data into one system, it automatically reflects the other. Once an invoice is marked paid in Xero, it automatically updates in WorfklowMax and vice versa.

It takes a few clicks to get all the data report you need.

Reporting plays a big part in a business. This helps distinguish if your business is prospering or losing money. It also serves data that can foresee profitability through invoicing reports.  Timesheet reports, on the other hand, can evaluate your team’s performance. What’s more, it allows you to build your own report based on your business’s needs with WorkflowMax’s custom reporting.

Custom Fields
Custom field
Put all essential data in one place with custom fields.

Not all businesses are made the same. Some businesses might find WorkflowMax’s pre-set fields lacking with important sections they want to modify for business use. The good thing is WorkflowMax allows the user to add extra fields such as link field, date field, dropdown list, and text field among others to maximise the usability of the system.

Collaboration Manager

Collaboration Manager promotes productivity and transparency within the company. The authorized admin can assign and limit the access to their staff. Contractors and clients can also be given access to check on the progress of the jobs regardless of their location. This feature captures and records all email conversations as a note against the jobs to keep everything in one tidy place.


While WorkflowMax admits that this software may not be appropriate for all industries, they extend the functionality of the system by offering seamless integrations with over 30 world-class software for payroll, staff management, time-tracking, accounting systems, customer support, and financial reporting.


  • WorkflowMax integrates well with a wide variety of third-party software which helps maximise its usability
  • Compared to other cloud apps, they offer a free trial without the need for credit card
  • It provides an efficient job management system from customer acquisition to invoicing and reporting
  • This software allows a team to work remotely
  • It promotes transparency by allowing clients to access the job progress
  • 24/7 email support
  • They offer free online webinars and video tutorials for setting up the system
  • It allows you to review the staff member’s productivity at a glance


  • The dashboard’s interface can be improved
  • It would be better and more efficient if the job database can be ranked according to priority
  • Job number customisation is not enabled
  • An inventory management platform would be helpful for construction businesses and other service-based companies


Photo © WorkflowMax

*User pertains to the number of people signing up to WorkflowMax 

*Australian rate starts at AUD25/user


WorkflowMax admits that this software might not be applicable to everyone. WorkflowMax functions best for several industries such as creative agencies, construction firms, business consultants, architects, engineers and surveyors, service companies, and IT providers.

Setting up Workflowmax for the first time can be puzzling. However, WorkflowMax has hundreds of partner advisors and implementers around the world that can help you start your WorkflowMax experience. Cloud Staff Member, an Australian-owned recruitment company in the Philippines, is a Certified WorkflowMax Advisor and can help you start your 14-day trial in few simple steps.

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Act! Cloud: Contact Management Solutions Review

 Act! is a contact and customer management program catering to small and medium-sized business.  Established in 1987, Act! has been distributed to different regions such as Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. While Act! offers a variety of versions that can be tailored to a business’s specific needs Act! Cloud might be more suitable for small businesses and startups seeking for a more convenient way of setting things up.


Act! Cloud’s main function features a comprehensive contact management for entrepreneurs and business personalities that are always on the go. Meeting a respectable number of clients within a day can be overwhelming. Act! Cloud helps by tidying up your contact lists, appointment schedules, and client notes right at your fingertips.

Contact Management

Adding up a new contact to your database is made easy with Act!’s simple and easy-to-navigate user interface. These contacts can be segmented into groups and companies. Registering a new contact requires name of a person, title or position, company, department, phone and mobile number, address, email address, and the latest results of your meeting. Contact Management also allows you to attach documents and letters under a contact name.

Activity Tracking and Alerts

Act! is can be utilised for accumulating contact information and for keeping track of your business’s performance especially when it comes to sales. Act! features a Calendar where you can record schedules of meetings, send emails, phone calls, deliveries, and more. The Calendar can be viewed in daily mode, week work or weekly view, and monthly overview, helping your team to function effectively and efficiently through the daily to-do list.

All lists and schedules will be recorded to History List and can be accessed easily through the Look Up search bar located at the uppermost left part of the software.

Opportunity Management


Lead generation is also possible with Act!’s Opportunity Management feature. Companies can take note of the exact status of a prospective client from initial communication to sales fulfillment. It allows you to rate the probability of winning a client as well as marking them as closed deal or inactive.


E-marketing is a basic add-on product from Act! which enables a user to send email within the app. It allows you to create email campaigns, send them to potential clients and existing contacts, as well as tracking reports and call lists. This add-on app comes free to all Act! product purchases.

Insight and Reports

Insights is automatically generated based on all your records. The Act! Insight presents sales and revenue for the entire year. It is crucial to assign proper filters to all your contacts and clients to get the accurate forecasts. These reports can be used in strategising for your company’s sales and promotional stints.

Act! Connect (Integrations)

Same with all cloud management software, Act! allows third-party integrations aiming to help your business function smoothly. This includes but not limited to sales and marketing software, business productivity programs, eCommerce websites, customer service, and social media apps. Connecting to your desired app can be done in a few clicks and doesn’t require a special IT skill.

Handheld Contact 

Business meetings and remote working can’t impede you from accessing all your contacts. While Act! Cloud can be accessed anywhere if you’re connected, Handheld Contact comes handy when you need to do an urgent call and your computer is not around. Handheld Contact syncs your contact database to your mobile device and makes all necessary information accessible right at your fingertips. You can then take notes while on a meeting with your potential client, track your to-do lists, update criteria, and add favorites. This also records all your interaction from calls, to emails and text messages.


  • Act! Connect promises seamless integration with other third-party apps fundamental for a business
  • They provide video tutorials for setting up and managing all the software’s features
  • Access to real-time data can be done remotely
  • Handheld Contact add-on allows offline access to contacts and makes it easier to reach potential clients everywhere
  • Automated insights and reports can lessen the workload
  • The 360-degree view of the app helps data access easier


  • Icons and designs need to be updated and modernized
  • Can be confusing to navigate without the manual
  • Handheld Contact only supports Apple IOS and Android devices
  • Functions relatively slower compared to other cloud CRM software
  • Not handy for taking quick notes for a specific contact
  • Might be inefficient for medium-sized businesses with thousands of clients to assist as getting into a certain data requires many steps



Act! Cloud is best for entrepreneurs who are always on the go. Small and medium-sized businesses, as well as sales team that are proactive in leveraging their networks may find Act! software as an asset to their operation. Functioning as an all-in-one contact database, Act! Cloud is equipped with convenience for people and the business they are working for through the power of cloud technology. Not to mention that maintaining a database on cloud is cheaper than on premise.

As technology evolves, businesses are given the opportunity to expand their reach not only within the neighbouring cities but also worldwide. Hiring a remote assistant to manage your database is now a possibility, and you could be working on hot sale opportunities, would be easy-peasy. Cloud Staff Member assists remote-hiring entrepreneurs and organizations in finding professional staff from the Philippines—where people have excellent working ethics and low-cost professional fees.

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Gentu by Genie Solutions: Practice Management Review

Genie Solutions has been providing intelligent software for specialists in Australia since 1995 with the aim to help them perform their jobs seamlessly and efficiently. In January 2017, they officially launched Genie’s cloud-based equivalent called ‘Gentu’ [1].

Gentu is an administrative and specialist software solution customised to assist the next generation of medical specialists through the help of cloud technology. Gentu, Genie Solution’s new baby will be equipped with hi-tech features in the future versions, such as SMS module, eDelivery, and Monthly Index of Medical Specialties (MIMS) integration, which are expected to take medical practice experience to a whole new level.


Backed by the same minds that created Genie, Gentu promises an intelligent practice management system tailored to assist specialists from the nitty-gritty to the most complex part of their jobs.

Appointment and Reception

Gentu’s combined appointment and reception features allow every medical space function smoothly. With its intuitive interface, it helps the user customise appointment schedules in just a few clicks. Additional features include 1) filter by provider; 2) view schedule on a daily/weekly mode; 3) review full appointment histories including cancellations and DNAs; 4) printable theatre list. These functionalities ensure no lapses in scheduling appointments while endorsing paperless reception management services.

Billing and Claiming

While billing can be tedious, Gentu’s system is designed to perform complex billing calculations for invoicing and quoting. Gentu is in sync with the current Medicare and health fund fee schedules and lessens the hassle of calculating fees even after fee schedule updates. In addition, Gentu is fully integrated with Medicare, DVA and ECLIPSE for online claiming.

It also generates a program that enables you to accept and manage pre-payment deposits. In case of gaffe or overpayment, you can do the refund in just a few clicks. Once the generated invoice is out, online claims are batched and transmitted automatically. Gentu takes care of generating receipts after the patient has paid and alerts you of any remaining underpayments.



Maintaining a patient’s record can be done with Gentu’s user-friendly clinical interface through a coding integration that can handle adverse reactions and diagnoses. Supporting documents such as images and medical records can be uploaded in the system within several clicks. These documents can be accessed when you review a patient’s clinical history including their past medications, previous procedures, and more.

Practice Management

Aside from taking care of your fee schedule, clinical coding, and software updates, Gentu makes your practice run smoothly through its practice management component. It allows you to keep track of your income, banking, and outstanding accounts with an easy-to-use financial report.

Gentu can support your practice regardless of the number of staff you have. Access control can be dictated to make sure that every staff has access to features they needed to perform their job.

As Lisa Gansky said, “A brand is a voice and a product is a souvenir.” Gentu helps you establish your brand by allowing you to label your letters, notes, invoices, and reports with your logo or business letterhead. It can be done by uploading the image of your brand to Gentu and let them generate it for you.


  • It is managed by one of Australia’s reputable and trusted practice management solution providers
  • Automatic software updates are completed by Gentu with new releases
  • This is ideal for practices starting up
  • Sticks with Genie Solutions’ mantra—Intelligent Simplicity—by providing a simple user interface which can be operated even with a minimal use of manual
  • 100% Australian owned and fully understands the needs of Australian specialists
  • They maintain backups of all Gentu data in case of technical glitch
  • Their sales team is prompt in responding to queries and gives a comprehensive information about their products


  • Features only three e-correspondence integration—Argus, Healthlink, and Sonic Healthcare—compared to Genie which is fully integrated with all third-party companies
  • As of writing, Gentu is not yet MIMS integrated which demands the need to use for paper to prescribe
  • Since Gentu is new, it has limited reporting features opposite its desktop software equivalent
  • It doesn’t display an online demo for specialists who want to have an overview of its interface


Gentu is billed monthly per Billing Provider or anyone who’s generating income within the practice. Starting rate is at $330 per single Billing Provider inclusive of GST.  Additional Eclipse integration comes at $100 per month. They also offer a 3-hour orientation for Gentu setup at a standard rate of $195 per hour. Having more staff in the future will not be a problem because it features unlimited access for both Admin and Support staff. For multi-provider practices, they offer a tiered structure which means that the average monthly rate goes down as many doctors join the practice.

However, take note that Gentu’s billing is limited to some functionalities depending on the specialty of the practice. This includes online claiming for anaesthetic item numbers, as well as electronic access to diagnostic results. It is best advised to call their sales team to learn more about the usability and suitability of Gentu based on your practice’s specialty.


Gentu is made for specialists who would like to maximise their time focusing on things that really matter—their patients. The advantage brought by cloud technology will enable them to access all necessary data in a matter of scrolls and clicks. Medical and clinical practitioners who are expecting a large number of patients can manage theatre lists, prescriptions, and diagnoses all in one place through the help of Gentu app.

Specialists planning to adapt cloud for their practice can initially check out the Gentu’s usability and eventually hire other staff to manage practice management, appointment setting, patient correspondence, and medical billing. Cloud Staff Member is  able to help companies from all industries in hiring the next member of their team. Being Australian-owned, Cloud Staff Member knows the needs and standards of every Australian organization in selecting the best candidate for their team. Cloud Staff Member provides recruitment, HR, payroll, office space and computers, internet, and electricity for comprehensive staffing solutions.


Source: [1]

Tanda: Workforce Management System Review, wittily named after time-and-attendance, is a workforce management app that allows digital rostering, online time-in, and payroll processing in just a few clicks. Over 1000 companies across the world are using Tanda management app to run their business. Managers curating the application can effortlessly assign jobs to each employee and at the same calculate their cost based on their rendered time recorded on their clock-ins.


The software’s primary function focuses on employee scheduling which can be done as soon as a user signs up. Tanda offers a 14-day trial and will eventually ask the user to choose their preferred plan based on their business’s size and nature.


Managers are allowed to create a detailed set of schedules for all staff enrolled in the app. These schedules can be sent to employees via SMS or email messages. Tanda’s rostering software is designed with a wide set of functionalities such as sale projection, schedule cost interpreter, and employee onboarding through drop-and-drag, among others. The app also lets the manager see if a day is understaffed or otherwise. Pre-arranged templates are made available for select industries.

Tanda scheduling app
Photo courtesy of

Companies who’ve tried the program have reportedly cut time dedicated to scheduling and payroll processing.

Time Clock app

Every employee will be given a four-number code which they will use in clocking in through the Time Clock app. The app takes a head shot of every employee upon clocking in. These images are being paired up with their codes and synchronises with the predetermined schedules. That way, managers can view who are present at work on a particular day. Time Clock app is conveniently available for IOS, Android and Web application.

Union Contract

Tanda has a built-in overtime interpreter which helps every user to automatically calculate the rates of their staff based on existing labour laws. Not only does this algorithm computes the gross pay per staff, it also shows the breakdown for more comprehensive documentation.

Time off management system

Tanda leave request approval

Staff can notify the manager of their leave and unavailability. The days off are subject for approval. Staff can upload proof of reasons for their time off such as medical records, etc. Once the manager allows their proposed leave, the staff will receive a confirmation email.

Add-ons and integration

Tanda is streamlined with powerful select integrations such as MYOB, Xero, Google Calendar, and Kounta to name a few. Companies who would like to adapt Tanda can contact their business managers to discuss their preferred systems.


  • Companies using digital time clocks can finally eliminate the use of paper for their time sheets
  • Automatic Award Interpreter helps a business save time in calculating the pay rates with their ready-made Australian Award templates. This is automatically updated in sync with Fair Work Australia’s policy
  • Tanda provides an all-inclusive report that gives an overview of your wage costs and can be used to predict the future of your business


  • Tanda is based in Australia and global reach is limited
  • Customer support via live chat is not available 24/7. This can hold up business operations if an error cannot be resolved
  • It doesn’t have a fatigue management generator which will allow the manager to see which employees have overworked for the day or week
  • Maps and GPS Tracking device that can determine the location where a staff clocks in is non-existent


Tanda offers two options: Standard and Enterprise. Both present the same functionalities except for a) Predictive Workforce, b) Cognitive schedules, c) Custom reporting, d) On-site setup, e) Custom implementation, and f) Project management, which are only available for the Enterprise package.

Annual payment is billed $4 USD/employee/month while monthly payment costs $5 USD/employee/ month. Note that this pricing applies for Standard edition. Clients interested in buying the Enterprise edition can contact their customer support for accurate quotes.


With time theft being rampant in any industry, innovation brought by cloud-based technology software makes every minute count. Tanda functions well for businesses with shifting schedules, hourly employees, and remote workers. This includes but not limited to industries involved in manufacturing, warehousing, food service, retail, accommodation, franchising, and medical.

The availability of cloud technology in software programs like Tanda is a plus for companies like Cloud Staff Member to consider using this application. Cloud Staff Member serves as a bridge to assist remote-hiring organizations in Australia, USA, Canada, and UK in finding the best employee from the Philippines—where everything is relatively affordable compared to hiring a staff member. Cloud Staff Member provides recruitment, HR, payroll, office space and computers, internet, and electricity for comprehensive staffing solutions.

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