WorkflowMax: Job Management System Review

WorkflowMax is a cloud-based project management system that enables a team to perform all necessary jobs on one platform. It offers a wide variety of features and functionalities from customer acquisition to invoicing and reporting. While all cloud software has limitations, WorkflowMax tries to make everything possible by offering integrations with over 30 world-class third-party apps, aiming to help every company achieve their goals one efficient platform at a time.


WorkflowMax has covered the essential needs of a company to function well enough, generate leads, and gain conversions through an effective project management system.

Job Management 
Job Manager
Job management enables job monitoring in just one glance.

Job management allows the company to monitor all jobs from start to finish. The manager can schedule jobs for each staff member and at the same time monitor everyone’s daily or hourly progress. Aside from that, this feature also helps track the number of hours dedicated to a task compared to the projected hours.

Time Sheets

Time Sheet

Let your staff be responsible for their own timesheet.

You can let your staff manage their own time with the help of WorkflowMax’s time sheet. All registered users can enter the number of hours they dedicated to a job. Timesheet recording is available in weekly and daily view. A built-in timer is situated at the upper right of the dashboard which can be used in for time-tracking while you’re working on a particular task. Timesheet can be submitted to HR through email within the system.

Quote generator
Quoting template helps the user to generate and send quotes within a few clicks

Just because you need to be quick doesn’t mean you can compromise accuracy. WorkflowMax’s online quoting system suggests you create a template for every offer. Once a request comes in, these templates can be easily edited and can be sent to a client as soon as possible. Templates can be customised for a specific industry in which you can insert your logo for branding and consistency.

You have the control of generating the final price through the customisable markup percentage. The status of each quote is recorded and will advise the user to send a follow up whenever necessary.

In case you encounter indecisive clients, the quotes can be revised in just one click.

Lead Management
Lead management
An overview of lead reports can be filtered per category, staff, or month.
Client Manager
Client Manager
The client manager section lets the user access all client information in one place.

Having too many clients can be baffling. WorkflowMax comes handy with its client management option. This feature helps the company accumulate all client information in one tidy place. A navigation bar exists for easy access to the most crucial details. Moreover, custom fields are provided for other vital details you want to take note of that are not included in the default fields.

You can access your data wherever you are.

With remote working being practised in various industries today, WorkflowMax lets you carry all your jobs wherever you are. The mobile app, available for IOS and Android devices, directly connects to WorkflowMax and Xero for existing users. This feature applies when you need to update lead status or input a job cost immediately.

Job Costing 
Job Costing
Job costing is made available to help you evaluate your business’s profitability.

Job costing provides an overview of all your expenses with the actual breakdown per task. It evaluates your business’s profitability and will determine if it’s about to increase your service rates. Being Xero integrated, you can purchase needed supplies by placing purchase orders in Xero.

Purchase Orders
Purchase order
Issuing a purchase order is possible through easy, simple steps.

Creating different purchase orders can be time-consuming if placed side by side with other ongoing projects. WorkflowMax makes it easier to handle a bulk of purchase orders by separating out job items against multiple jobs.  No need to worry about double entries as the same invoice number automatically reflects to Xero. In case an additional item needs to be included in the PO, adding extra fields is as easy as one click. Receipts can be sent straight to Xero and it will automatically record the complete job costing.

Document Management

WorkflowMax is packed with 25 GB free storage for documents. These documents can be pushed to other third-party cloud storage tools like Dropbox and Google Drive for easy access. This integration helps all team members to access real-time data whenever and wherever. Not to mention, you can also take a photo of a document from your phone and upload it immediately to appropriate folders via cloud storage.

Invoicing-Include it all
Customising your invoice from design to content is possible.

WorkflowMax provides an online invoice creator which allows you to customise everything you want to input such as rates, staff, and even your own branding. You can also add extra notes or generate multiple invoices for clients who want to have an all-inclusive information.

Xero Integration 
Xero integration-automatic update on both ends
WorkflowMax is owned by and seamlessly integrates with Xero.

Since WorkflowMax is Xero-owned, it is the closest integration among the many add-on apps available. Xero is one of the most preferred accounting software in the world that offers multiple features for fast and convenient accounting solutions. WorkflowMax and Xero are in sync with each other which means that once you enter a data into one system, it automatically reflects the other. Once an invoice is marked paid in Xero, it automatically updates in WorfklowMax and vice versa.

It takes a few clicks to get all the data report you need.

Reporting plays a big part in a business. This helps distinguish if your business is prospering or losing money. It also serves data that can foresee profitability through invoicing reports.  Timesheet reports, on the other hand, can evaluate your team’s performance. What’s more, it allows you to build your own report based on your business’s needs with WorkflowMax’s custom reporting.

Custom Fields
Custom field
Put all essential data in one place with custom fields.

Not all businesses are made the same. Some businesses might find WorkflowMax’s pre-set fields lacking with important sections they want to modify for business use. The good thing is WorkflowMax allows the user to add extra fields such as link field, date field, dropdown list, and text field among others to maximise the usability of the system.

Collaboration Manager

Collaboration Manager promotes productivity and transparency within the company. The authorized admin can assign and limit the access to their staff. Contractors and clients can also be given access to check on the progress of the jobs regardless of their location. This feature captures and records all email conversations as a note against the jobs to keep everything in one tidy place.


While WorkflowMax admits that this software may not be appropriate for all industries, they extend the functionality of the system by offering seamless integrations with over 30 world-class software for payroll, staff management, time-tracking, accounting systems, customer support, and financial reporting.


  • WorkflowMax integrates well with a wide variety of third-party software which helps maximise its usability
  • Compared to other cloud apps, they offer a free trial without the need for credit card
  • It provides an efficient job management system from customer acquisition to invoicing and reporting
  • This software allows a team to work remotely
  • It promotes transparency by allowing clients to access the job progress
  • 24/7 email support
  • They offer free online webinars and video tutorials for setting up the system
  • It allows you to review the staff member’s productivity at a glance


  • The dashboard’s interface can be improved
  • It would be better and more efficient if the job database can be ranked according to priority
  • Job number customisation is not enabled
  • An inventory management platform would be helpful for construction businesses and other service-based companies


Photo © WorkflowMax

*User pertains to the number of people signing up to WorkflowMax 

*Australian rate starts at AUD25/user


WorkflowMax admits that this software might not be applicable to everyone. WorkflowMax functions best for several industries such as creative agencies, construction firms, business consultants, architects, engineers and surveyors, service companies, and IT providers.

Setting up Workflowmax for the first time can be puzzling. However, WorkflowMax has hundreds of partner advisors and implementers around the world that can help you start your WorkflowMax experience.


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