Act! Cloud: Contact Management Solutions Review

 Act! is a contact and customer management program catering to small and medium-sized business.  Established in 1987, Act! has been distributed to different regions such as Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. While Act! offers a variety of versions that can be tailored to a business’s specific needs Act! Cloud might be more suitable for small businesses and startups seeking for a more convenient way of setting things up.


Act! Cloud’s main function features a comprehensive contact management for entrepreneurs and business personalities that are always on the go. Meeting a respectable number of clients within a day can be overwhelming. Act! Cloud helps by tidying up your contact lists, appointment schedules, and client notes right at your fingertips.

Contact Management

Adding up a new contact to your database is made easy with Act!’s simple and easy-to-navigate user interface. These contacts can be segmented into groups and companies. Registering a new contact requires name of a person, title or position, company, department, phone and mobile number, address, email address, and the latest results of your meeting. Contact Management also allows you to attach documents and letters under a contact name.

Activity Tracking and Alerts

Act! is can be utilised for accumulating contact information and for keeping track of your business’s performance especially when it comes to sales. Act! features a Calendar where you can record schedules of meetings, send emails, phone calls, deliveries, and more. The Calendar can be viewed in daily mode, week work or weekly view, and monthly overview, helping your team to function effectively and efficiently through the daily to-do list.

All lists and schedules will be recorded to History List and can be accessed easily through the Look Up search bar located at the uppermost left part of the software.

Opportunity Management


Lead generation is also possible with Act!’s Opportunity Management feature. Companies can take note of the exact status of a prospective client from initial communication to sales fulfillment. It allows you to rate the probability of winning a client as well as marking them as closed deal or inactive.


E-marketing is a basic add-on product from Act! which enables a user to send email within the app. It allows you to create email campaigns, send them to potential clients and existing contacts, as well as tracking reports and call lists. This add-on app comes free to all Act! product purchases.

Insight and Reports

Insights is automatically generated based on all your records. The Act! Insight presents sales and revenue for the entire year. It is crucial to assign proper filters to all your contacts and clients to get the accurate forecasts. These reports can be used in strategising for your company’s sales and promotional stints.

Act! Connect (Integrations)

Same with all cloud management software, Act! allows third-party integrations aiming to help your business function smoothly. This includes but not limited to sales and marketing software, business productivity programs, eCommerce websites, customer service, and social media apps. Connecting to your desired app can be done in a few clicks and doesn’t require a special IT skill.

Handheld Contact 

Business meetings and remote working can’t impede you from accessing all your contacts. While Act! Cloud can be accessed anywhere if you’re connected, Handheld Contact comes handy when you need to do an urgent call and your computer is not around. Handheld Contact syncs your contact database to your mobile device and makes all necessary information accessible right at your fingertips. You can then take notes while on a meeting with your potential client, track your to-do lists, update criteria, and add favorites. This also records all your interaction from calls, to emails and text messages.


  • Act! Connect promises seamless integration with other third-party apps fundamental for a business
  • They provide video tutorials for setting up and managing all the software’s features
  • Access to real-time data can be done remotely
  • Handheld Contact add-on allows offline access to contacts and makes it easier to reach potential clients everywhere
  • Automated insights and reports can lessen the workload
  • The 360-degree view of the app helps data access easier


  • Icons and designs need to be updated and modernized
  • Can be confusing to navigate without the manual
  • Handheld Contact only supports Apple IOS and Android devices
  • Functions relatively slower compared to other cloud CRM software
  • Not handy for taking quick notes for a specific contact
  • Might be inefficient for medium-sized businesses with thousands of clients to assist as getting into a certain data requires many steps



Act! Cloud is best for entrepreneurs who are always on the go. Small and medium-sized businesses, as well as sales team that are proactive in leveraging their networks may find Act! software as an asset to their operation. Functioning as an all-in-one contact database, Act! Cloud is equipped with convenience for people and the business they are working for through the power of cloud technology. Not to mention that maintaining a database on the cloud is cheaper than on-premise.

As technology evolves, businesses are given the opportunity to expand their reach not only within the neighbouring cities but also worldwide. Hiring a remote assistant to manage your database is now a possibility, and you could be working on hot sale opportunities, would be easy-peasy. Cloud Staff Member assists remote-hiring entrepreneurs and organizations in finding professional staff from the Philippines—where people have excellent working ethics and low-cost professional fees.

What do you think about Act! Cloud? Talk to us via comment section!

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